Vladysalv Shapoval
One World For All

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I am Global Citizen that believes in one world.

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The time has come! Time has come for a free, just world!
The world without borders and division into a nation.

Do you want humanity to finally unite?
To ensure that all people live without wars and violence?
Then welcome to the WORLD party.

Point 1. Creation of supranational governance institutes

If we want to live in a world where freedom and peace dominate, we must unite. At the first stage, it is necessary to create institutions that would have started to direct all institutions of all countries of the world, which would later be transformed into one state administration.

Point 2. Establishment of an international parliament as a legislative body

The United Nations has long been in need of reform. Some countries are aggressive or do not comply with the agreements and leave without impunity. It's time to change it. It is necessary to centralize the functions of the UN and turn the organization into a legislative body.

Point 3. The concept "One World - One Country"

Humanity is not a few separate nations, but a great intelligent species in the world! In order to achieve greater success, it is necessary to unite! To do this, in the further development of mankind, it is necessary to create a single country that would ensure equality, justice in the world!

Ready to do changes?!
Vote and join to the WORLD party!

Vladysalv Shapoval
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Дата реєстрації:30.10.2018
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