About Congress

Students' Model of Congress

It will be a real intellectual contest. Participants will learn how to build logical arguments, ask correct questions, lobby, persuade and learn a lot about the peculiarities of certain political processes.

“All legislative Powers herein granted
shall be vested in a Congress of the
United States, which shall consist of a
Senate and House of Representatives.”

Article I of the US Constitution


Students' Model of Congress is a simulation game for students and young leaders. This game reflects the mechanism of work of the US Congress. The event will be in the form of congressional hearings, each of which has its own specification. By analogy with the structure of the US Congress, participants of Students' Model of Congress are divided into two parties: the Blue Party and the Yellow Party — ideologically polar political forces, each of which defends its ideals and principles of state building.

How does it work?

100 of candidates who will collect the most votes on this website will become participants of Students' Model of Congress. After registering and determining the candidate's party, everyone has to start his "election campaign": create a congressman’s program, choose a political line. After the forming of lists, an online voting will be launched on our website. In such way the 100 of best candidates for participation in the project will be chosen.


In order to become a participant of Students' Model of Congress you should to go through the registration process. Click the "To be elected" button below and sign up. Each potential participant must pass a short test for the definition of party affiliation (the Blue Party or the Yellow Party), then write down the information in your personal cabinet. Now you are a candidate for participation in the project.

If you want to vote for the candidate — a representative of the party you are interested in, click on the "To Elect" button and choose the best candidate.

Why is it worth to participate

The primary aim of S.M.C. is to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge in the area of lobbying, a real legislative process of the most democratic Parliament in the world, tonnes of new meetings, outstanding networking, and, of course, unforgettable memories. It is not a regular event but an excellent opportunity to demonstrate own personality, knowledge, and skills regarding solutions towards essential and problematic issues that, unfortunately, exist in Ukraine at the moment.

In particular, the following issues will be heard and discussed during the Congress:

  • The right to gun's possession;
  • Privatization of state bodies;
  • Educational reform;
  • A nuclear-free status of Ukraine;
  • E-Democrasy of Ukraine.


If you feel that you are an expert in one of the spheres mentioned above or even if you know nothing about them but have a strong desire to get aware of them and gain new useful knowledge, do not hesitate to apply for this event.
Therefore, dear Participant, we are looking forward to meeting you in the Congress!